10 Amazing Minecraft Servers you can find in 2021

The best selling vido game all the time, Minecraft is a Sandbox Video Game by Mojang Studios and created by Markus
“Notch” Persson using Java Programming language. To play the game, you need to know the runes, the recipes. Where do you learn them? Not in Minecraft. There is no senior alchemist to consult.

In Minecraft, players explore a blocky, procedurally-generated 3D world with virtually infinite terrain, and may discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures or earthworks depending on game modes like, Survival mode, Hardcore mode, Creative mode, Adventure mode, Spectator mode. And players can fight computer controlled mobs, as well as cooperate with or compete against other players in the same world. It is considered as Multiplayer in Minecraft.

It is available through direct game-to-game multiplayer, LAN play, local split screen (console-only), and servers. Players can run their own servers, use a hosting provider, or connect directly to another player’s game via Xbox Live. Minecraft Server is a player-owned or business-owned multiplayer game server. Players can start their own server either by setting up on a computer using software provided by Mojang, or by using a hosting provider so they can have their server run on dedicated machines with guaranteed uptime.

Minecraft players get bored with their current server all the time, and today I’m going to introduce you 10 Amazing Minecraft Servers you can find in 2021.


IP Address : mc.hypixel.net

Hypixel is one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server networks in the world, featuring original games such as The Walls, Mega Walls, Blitz Survival Games and etc. But there also few captivating ones as well. Games like VampireZ where you have to try and survive as a human while the vampires hunt you. In the BedWars each team has a bed on their respective islands, but if a team’s bed is destroyed they will no longer be able to respawn. If a player dies without their bed, they are out of the match.

For players who already own Minecraft and account will be able to play Hypixel for free. All it takes is joing the server through the server’s local IP Address. After joing the server, it will be free to play together with over 100,000 other online players.


IP Address : us.mineplex.com or pe.mineplex.com

Mineplex is a Minecraft multiplayer minigame server that is one of six Minecraft servers officially partnered with
Mojang Studios,the developers of Minecraft, and runs on version 1.8 or higher. The Java Edition Server averages around 300-600 players and it’s Bedrock Edition counterpart averages 10,000+ players.

There are four types of minigames: Classic, Arcade, Survival, and Champions. Arcade games are short ones, normally lasting no more than 5 minutes; Classic games are a little longer than their Arcade counterparts, as well as being slightly more complicated, but they are still short in general. Survival games refers to a branch of games where players have to gather resources just like they would in a normal Minecraft survival environment and fight other players. Finally, Champions has players customize their character with various stats and skills, selecting from five base classes.


IP Address : mc.piratemc.com 

PirateCraft is a PvP survival server with a pirate theme and role-playing. And have a strong emphasis on moving mechanics, such as custom ships and doors, added to survival gameplay without needing a modded client. If you are trying to find a server to call home PirateCraft is for you.

You can build your own custom Ship and sail the oceans, equip it with working cannons to sink rivals. And be part of an Empire, Build or join a crew of Pirates and play together. Crews get private chat, alliances, crew home, kills and stats tracking, crew member vitals and setting your own custom crew rank names. The most interesting thing is you can brew custom pirate Grog! PirateCraft has 200+ custom brewing recipes. You can brew and barrel-age good hard booze.

Minecraft Middle Earth

IP Address : build.mcmiddleearth.com

Minecraft has given people a platform to showcase their creativity by building amazing things that require a lot of effort and innovation. But Minecraft Middle-Earth receives maximum votes as it is an impressive build with many adventurous surprises on the way. Minecraft Middle-Earth is a collaborative build that has changed the scenario of the game and expanded its scope. The most interesting piece of information regarding Minecraft Middle-Earth is the motive behind this stupefying creation. They aimed at recreating “lands, towns, and areas” from The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit.

You can participate by building in a job where you are supervised by a Foreman, or you can practise your building. The map is 29,000 by 30,000 blocks and it was created in WorldPainter and WorldMachine. This makes an area of 870 square kilometers – the same size of Dallas or Fort Worth in Texas!on a theme plot, using /theme.


IP Address : mc.westeroscraft.com

WesterosCraft is a Minecraft server dedicated to recreating the continent of Westeros. Westeros is part of the fictional world from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire , which was adapted into a TV show by HBO and called Game of Thrones. It is free to explore, all you need is the Java edition of Minecraft.

After being approved, every new builder will be required to undergo a one month probationary period and will be required to do few things to be promoted. So, if you craving progress in your gaming life, this is the best server for you.

The Mining Dead

IP Address :  hub.havocmc.net

As the name indicates, this particular server is inspired by post-apocalyptic television series, The Walking Dead, with a clear focus on pure survival mechanics. A real thrill for Walking Dead or survival horror fans, this server is still great fun for anyone else too.

The Mining Dead is a great opportunity to take in all the famous sights as you’re scrambling to find weapons, ammo, and generally anything to help fend off the undead. And because of the voxel stylings of Minecraft, there’s a faint whiff of Goldeneye 64 to the whole thing.

The Archon

IP Address : topg.archonhq.net

TheArchon is a community-focused, feature-packed Minecraft server offering skyblock, factions, prison, outlands and robbery gamemodes. It has a monumental population of players who enjoy the regularly updated Minecraft game modes. The server is very unique because it has lots of game modes.

Playable on almost any version, even 1.16. 5, you can play on exactly what version you want to.


IP Address : minescape.me

Minescape is a Minecraft project started in 2012 by GamesLabs. It contains unique minecraft mechanics such as a music synthesizer, custom modeled monsters, bosses, player sharding and of course dozens or skills and quests. The project is constantly evolving through various updates. The team tries to push one update per week or so.

What Minescape offers from regular Runescape is a first-person perspective with your character, along with a more interactive experience with the world. There are currently 23 various skills in Minescape that center around gathering, crafting, combat, and exploration. Players are able to join with any versions of Minecraft through versions 1.9 – 1.16, however version 1.16.5 is the most stable version of Minecraft to use. 

Purple Prison

IP Address : purpleprison.xyz

Purple Prison is a Prison PvP style gamemode, where players rank-up through exiting activites such as mining, building, PvPing, trading with others, and much more. It’s super easy to get started. The server runs huge automated PvP events everyday, 4 times a day.

Another reason that the Purple Prison Server stands among the most popular prison servers out there is it’s incredibly well-maintained community. You always feel welcomed into the community, they help you out when you are stuck. Throw you money out of nowhere and constantly insist on helping you out.


IP Address : server.pixelmoncraft.com or safari.pixelmoncraft.com

PixelmonCraft is a Pokemon themed Minecraft Pixelmon Server where players around the globe meet and befriend eachother. It will please you with the fact that it will become the basis for more discoveries, adventures, and other interesting things. At least, you will explore the environment and level pokemon for the subsequent capturing of new ones and becoming a more powerful character.

Are you a fan of Minecraft? Are you a fan of Pokemon? Then you are in the right place! Pixelmoncraft combines the two on our player friendly Pixelmon Server