Look out world, we’ve got a new Minecraft update! This release changes some behaviors of the features added in Caves & Cliffs: Part I and fixes bugs and critical issues. Check it out now—we just want to share our love for all things Minecraft with you guys 🙂

Chaanges in 1.17:
Blue axolotls can now only be obtained through breeding, but the chance of a non-screaming goat producing one is rarer than before; Status effects on goats also apply when they are jumping or ramming and you’ll find copper ingots from Drowned at 11% (plus 2% per level) more often – beware though! Powder snow will fill cauldrons faster for those who like their ice cold! Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Husks and drowned won’t pick up glow ink sacs anymore

Technical Changes in 1.17.1
The technical changes in 1.17 have caused some unexpected problems for players, as well as making their gameplay more interesting and engaging!
In the most recent update to Minecraft, there were a few minor tweaks that didn’t go over too smoothly with gamers-namely changing how deaths are logged on certain mobs or if they’re redirected by DNS servers (e.g., you might be playing something like Clash of Clans when suddenly your computer is hijacked).
One specific change was restoring “the pre-1.17 behavior” which logs named mob’s death events instead of listing them under ‘Unknown Mob’. This means it will now show what kind of creature died so people can avoid aggressive ones while exploring new territory without getting killed first!

Bug Fixes in 1.17.1
In all bug fixes, we aim to make the experience as fluid and seamless as possible. This includes fixing bugs that sometimes go unnoticed for months at a time! For example: Fixed an issue where sun, moon or clouds would not show if render distance is below 4; fixed issues with enchantments being saved wrongfully as shorts but still working properly on loading; Turkish lira sign (₺) now appears correctly in game instead of appearing like □ which it was previously doing before this latest patch went out including more icon mappings for U+00B7 and many other things too.

MC-196999 – U+1FEC is wrong in Minecraft’s font.
MC-213986 – Pistons and dispensers can be used to create ghost blocks using powder snow, but it only works on the server side of things for now! MC219018 – Ghost items (and other entities) can be created by typing /item [name] into chat while holding an empty hand or with a full one—yet again though this doesn’t always work due to another bug related to client inventory not being updated properly sometimes.
MC 219290 Calcite isn’t as interesting as some other blocks because you don’t get any sound effects when breaking them like you do with others; this should probably

MC-221656 – Creative mode obtained Bucket of Axolotl/Tropical Fish oIn Creative mode, a Bucket of Axolotl spawns only one type. However, no such limitation exists when the player is not in creative mode and has captured an axolotl. Captured axlotls are constantly trying to break free from their containment jars due to this discrepancy between game modes! When loading chunks that contain new blocks or changes have been made since last being loaded into memory (e.g., added torches), sometimes these areas will refuse to load until you move your head around enough so they render with animation again – it’s as if Minecraft can’t keep up on its own accord anymore without human intervention! Though strength and weakness potions do change damage dealt by goats when outside of creative mode, custom attack attributes for